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Quack Toolsammlung script



Grepo Stats button in the towninfo/playerinfo/allianceinfo
Silver above 15k will bet set automatically as the value of the input box
Calculates the equivalent ressources to your lost troops in reports and the simulator
Displays the points of buildings in the senate
Buttons to important toolsites like:
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Guide Morale



Morale relates to the size of an attacker compared to a defender. It is essentially to help smaller players get established. A large player will have a low morale when he attacks a small player. Think of it as though his army feels sorry for the troops of the smaller player they are attacking so they don’t fight as well. Morale doesnt affect the resources you take from the cities it affects your troops for Example:
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InnoGames TV – December Episode feat. Elvenar, Tribal Wars 2 Android App


The December episode of InnoGames TV. The show features the latest updates, events and features from your favorite game. In addition, InnoGames TV gives an inside look into the work of the company’s game designers, developers and all the other people behind InnoGames’ popular online titles.
0:50 Tribal Wars 2 – Android App
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