Earn money for Grepolis with Clixsense



Earn money for Grepolis with Clixsense.

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Sign up for ClixSense here: Sign up CLIXSENSE


Fill your data. Activate your account. Login into CLIXSENSE.




Log-in your ClixSense. Familiarize the site and learn the navigation for a few minutes. You should know that there are multiple ways to earn on ClixSense.
View Ads
ClixSense pays its users to view advertisers ads worth $0.025 per click and up. To avail for this go to ‘Account >> View ads’.
Do Micro Tasks
ClixSense is partnered to CloudFlower, a crowdsourcing company which pays its users per task completed worth $0.03 – $1.00 per task. To avail for this go to ‘Account >> Task’.

Do Offers
ClixSense are partnered to companies which pays users to complete offers like downloads, installs, shopping, online payments, radio, etc worth $0.30 – $1.00+. To avail for this go to ‘Account >> Offers’.

Answer Surveys
ClixSense runs a survey laboratory which is partnered to various survey companies like Nielsen, Samplicio.us and etc. Users are paid to answer 30 minute surveys worth $1.00+ . To avail for this go to ‘Account >> Surveys’.

Watch Videos
Get paid to watch available videos. Go to ‘account >> watch videos’ at the upper right side corner.

Refer/invite people
Here comes the best part. Using your referal link (affiliate link) found at your main account page (the red link), copy it and share it to everyone. For me i post it on Facebook pages, groups, and some classified ads like OLX.ph. You will earn 10% to 20% commission of your referal (downline) earning up to 8 levels deep. They click, you earn, they do offers and tasks you still earn! I already have 200+ referals, that’s why i earn that huge amount daily.
And more! Like ClixGrid, Checklist bonuses, weekly contests, prizes etc.

Withdraw money

Clixsense pay with paypal transactionIf you do not have PayPal account,then sign up with them. Link: Create Paypal

When you have the money in paypal you can use it to buy gold in Grepolis

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