Grepolis App for iOS and Android


Grepolis App for iOS and Android

We are happy to announce that the Grepolis mobile app for iOS and Android is coming along and will be available this summer. The Grepolis mobile app will have a lot more features than the Grepolis Toolbox on its release, however, it will not have all game features known from the browser version of the game available.

We aim to deliver most features for the app in future, so you can enjoy a full-blown Grepolis experience without having to be in front of your home computer. Managing your cities and arranging complex attack strategies will be no hard work while you are out and about.

Furthermore, we have improved usability and the look of the app a lot in relation to its predecessor, the Grepolis Toolbox. We can’t wait to get the Grepolis mobile app to your devices within the upcoming months.



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