Grepolis Beginners Advices


grepolis beginners

As a new player, there is a lot you won’t know. Only with experience will you learn the deeper rules. Don’t sweat it. If you just keep a positive attitude, you’ll learn as you go.

Advice 1: Prepare to lose your first city. You build your city. You love your city. We get it. Just don’t get attached. There’s a good chance that someone will take your city before you are capable of expansion by building a city, taking a ghost town, or conquering someone else’s city. Don’t sweat it. If you don’t lose your first city, don’t think it’s because of skill. Chances are, you just got lucky.

Advice 2: If you lose your city, just start over in the same world. You take your culture points with you. This is what we call “getting rimmed”. That’s because when you restart you’ll be placed on the outter ring of the world map, at the fringes of development. This will give you a better chance at rebuilding.

Advice 3: If you can do a victory procession, do it immediately. This converts your battle points (BP) into culture points. Keep checking your “Culture” under your Agora to see your progress.

Advice 4: Early development advice. Join an alliance. This will offer you some advantage in your early game. Don’t expect your alliance to save your city.

Advice 5 Keep building your city wall. Keep up to 200 swordsmen and 200 archers. (These guys will help you build defensive BP.) Don’t worry about building your own offensive troops until you have a good defense. Don’t bother building any ships. Assume your attackers will come with overwhelming force.

Advice 6: Concentrate on building senate, warehouse, resources (silver, rock, quarry, people), and city wall.

Advice 7: Use caution on which knowledge you choose in your academy. Research the pros and cons of each slot. You will never have enough research points to ever learn all academy options.

Advice 8: Renewable resources are silver, rock, quarry, and people. If you ever run out of people you can either demolish a building or send troops to die in battle. When a building is demolished or troops are killed, you’ll get back your people and be able to build new troops or buildings.

Advice9: Leave both ego and whining out of the game. Both are universally reviled by Grepolis players. No matter how awesome you think you are, there’s someone stronger and more experienced. Don’t complain about getting attacked. Get used to it.

Advice 10: Do communicate when you are attacked by posting your battle reports on your alliance forum (alliance forum rules vary). Just don’t whine about it.

Advice 11: Learn how to use BB code to mark up cities, players, alliances, and URLs. If you don’t you’ll get yelled at.



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