Grepolis Changelog 2.41


grepolis update 2.41


– For testing purposes, 300 coins of war and 300 coins of wisdom will be automatically grated to each player every day (relevant for beta only);
– The wall levels of the eighth farm village is now removed once the village has been conquered;

– [A few changes have been made to the Island Quest :
The spawn timers of the quests have been modified from 2, 3, 4 hours to 2, 4, 8 hours;
The attack and defense boosts have been adjusted from 30% to 10% (attack) and from 30% to 5% (defense);
The brothel has been replaced with a tavern in the according quest;
The spawn probability of storyline quests have been slightly adjusted to the spawn timers.

– Fixed some JS errors: ‘Object’ is undefined;
– The premium overview was switching automatically after returning units;
– It was not possible to move an alliance forum to the lowest position;
– Fixed several award synchronization issues;
– Fixed that cancel button covered by units list in the command overview;
– Option for resetting researches was disappearing upon research time reduction;
– Queue did not get updated automatically in the barracks;
– Sometimes the effects on a city was not displayed;
– Fixed a bug where error message was appearing “island quest expired” during rotating;
– The icon of the survey type was sometimes wrong;
– There was an error upon validating e-mail;
– Chose location check field was slightly misplaced when starting or restarting the game;
– Wrong icon was shown if hovering over mythical units in temple;
– Wrong world wonders were displayed in the hall of fame sometimes;
– Farming villages overview was not considering forced loyalty;
– Fixed Island Quest window problem in resolution 1024×600;
– Improved favor production was not properly shown in premium overview on all towns;
– There was some performance issues in the support overview;
– There was a graphical issue in the survey window;
– Fixed that the survey icon only disappears after a relogin;
– Island quest icon was missing and leading to an empty window during takeover;
– Fixed inconsistency between tooltips if quest requirements fulfilled;
– Attack Planner did not update when units are removed;
– Fixed deadlocks during nightly cron;
– Directional arrow was not updating correctly when changing towns;
– Fxied an error in distribution of the award “Great Power of the Day”;
– Filter for attacks in command overview did not work;
– The menu was unresponsive on iPad;
– There were duplicated lines in player invite window;
– A space was missing between renamed command and the cancel button;
– Fixed some layout issues on the master pages with the MSN bar (relevant for Italy only);
– The performances of the game were reduced a lot after sending many spies to the same town;
– The Phoenician merchant was not visiting all towns owned;
– Some players couldn’t be attacked because of vacation mode although they were globally ban;
– Sometimes it was not possible to use the “Jump to city”, “Jump to coordinates” and “Go to” buttons;
– Fixed some layout issues in the simulator;
– Fixed a case where town should have been conquered, but wasn’t;
– Fixed some scrolling issues in the ranking;
– Fixed a wrong calculation of resources during happening;
– Fixed a wrong information in report when withdrawing units;
– A german survey was sent out to all players instead of the german market only;
– You could get negative research points by demolishing academy.


– Research images were not correctly displayed in the academy;
– Spells enacted on an attack could be seen in the mobile versions;
– Some translations were missing;
– The revolt attacks were not shown in the troop movements.



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