Grepolis Halloween 2015



Starting October the 13th at 10:00 local time, you will be able to experience this event and compete against other players in daily rankings until 17th November at 23:59, so there is plenty of time to play and have fun.

During this years’ Halloween Event you will have the opportunity to practice magic! You will be able to use 8 different ingredients (offerings) to unlock prizes that will help you dominate your enemy. You can collect offerings by performing every day in game actions, such as: upgrading buildings, attacking, researching, and other in-game actions.

Once you have enough offerings you can mix them together on the main event screen, and you will be rewarded with a specific bonus. The recipe (incantation) for that bonus will then be stored in your Book of Incantations for future reference.

In addition to the rewards you receive from your incantations, you will also have the opportunities to compete against your fellow players in the daily rankings. The top player of the day will be given the Master Conjurer award, and the top 4 players of the event will be given the prestigious Grand Master award!


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