Grepolis Heroes


Grepolis Heroes

The next big feature is coming to Grepolis: Heroes! The Heroes will provide more flexibility and individual play style for every one of you.

What Are Heroes?…

You can recruit heroes by spending Coins of War and Coins of Wisdom, two new currencies to be obtained as island quest rewards. Two currencies also implies that there will be two different types of heroes with various types of bonuses: Heroes of War and Heroes of Wisdom.
Heroes of War are best suited for leading attacks, whereas Heroes of Wisdom usually have better uses when being assigned to one of your cities.


Heroes are just like regular units in many respects, but there are a few features that set them apart:

Heroes are not recruited in a building, I will explain more about recruiting heroes later though.
Heroes are not paid for with resources, but with either “Coins of War” or “Coins of Wisdom ” which can be obtained by completing Island Quests.
Each hero has one special skill that can be found in his or her description, each skill will impact the game in a particular way.
By investing resources, heroes can reach new levels (up to level 20), this will improve their base values and special skills
Heroes are not bound to one game world. You can transfer them between worlds for free and get to keep a hero you have acquired forever.
Heroes don‘t die. Following a defeat they are merely wounded and regain their strength over time.
Heroes are not tied to the population of cities. You can use and command up to 5 heroes per world at the same time, irrespective of available population
Heroes can be assigned to cities, but there can be no more than 2 heroes in one city at the same time
Heroes cannot be used to support other cities or players. They can be used only for your own attacks or in your own cities




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