Grepolis Island Quests released


Grepolis Island Quests

Fans of our strategic browser game Grepolis are generally immune to stress. Building and fortifying your cities, founding new colonies, and permanent warfare with unpleasant neighbors – piece of cake! Therefore, our developers decided to add another challenge: Version 2.39 will contain the island quests. But what exactly are they? Depending on your score, new island quests appear every 2-4 hours on those islands where you have a city. You can recognize them by this symbol here:


Clicking on this symbol will open up a window containing information on the quest. Generally you will always have two very contrary choices. Which way you will pick is entirely up to you, but you have to live with the outcome.
You can have a maximum of 4 active islands quests at once. You can see your active quests on the right side of the interface – after 24 hours they will expire, unless you make progress in the quest.
After deciding how to proceed in the quests, a second window opens and you can see the progress already made.

Additionally you can click the “Challenge”-button, which opens a window with detailed information on your task at hand.
After making some though moral decisions and finishing the quest, you can pick a reward. It will depend on your current total score – so veterans will several cities will get tougher quests but their rewards increase also.
So you see, island quests are useful to beginners and more advanced players alike – go check it out!



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