Grepolis Mobile BB-Codes, reports and alliance forum


The new alliance forum and the possibility to publish reports and view them on mobile. This is also a huge topic for us, so it will most likely come divided in several parts.

At first we want to make it possible to see and interact with most important bb-codes (like player, city, alliance, island and some text formatting options – maybe even images). We are already working on that and some of this is already implemented and live – e.g. you are already able to tap on a player bb-code in a message and will be redirected to the player profile of that player. Did you try this out yet?

The next step then will be to bring the new alliance forum fully functional into the app – fitting the more modern and clear style. And with it of course all the bb-code functionality we already have in the messages so far. This will most likely look like this:


In parallel we will work on displaying published reports in messages and forum posts. Because we don’t want to blow up the content too much by showing the reports directly in the messages, we decided to show a small button that will open the report in a small overlay you can easily close to see the thread/message again.

And then finally we will enable all mobile players to publish reports and insert them as well as bb-codes in messages and forum posts.

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