Grepolis Oktoberfest


Grepolis Oktoberfest

Originally a reason to celebrate a wedding, this wonderful folk festival has taken on a whole new level of celebration people from around the world gather in Munich starting this weekend. As a German company, InnoGames would like to share this amazing event with the Grepolis Community.

So pull on your lederhosen and get your pretzels ready for Monday the 24th 10:00 GMT+1 (aka 10:00am German/Server Time) when the festivities kick off. During the event you’ll be able to earn prizes such as spells, resources and even gold! The event will run until the 2nd of October. So don’t be late to the best wedding reception in the world.


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  • Valinda

    Got it! Thanks a lot again for heinlpg me out!

  • Sayunu Grepolis


  • Sayunu Grepolis


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