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Adding your own toolbar Items

When constructing your own tool bar item from scratch (if you completely delete a tool bar item and want to add a new one) there are 2 options available: you can create a menu item, or you can create a submenu.

When constructing a tool bar item from scratch which will contain submenus

– Select ‘new sub menu’
– Name it and save
– Go back to your new item and then add all the sub menus that you wish (remember to save when finished)

When adding a ‘direct link’ toolbar item (like the default senate toolbar item does)

– Select ‘new menu item’
– Name it
– Add the Javascript
– Save

Java script codes


Senate =‘main’)

Cave =‘hide’)
Warehouse =‘storage’)
Farm =‘farm’)
Timber camp =‘lumber’)
Quarry =‘stoner’)
Silver mine =‘ironer’)
Market place =‘market’)
Harbor =‘docks’)
Barracks =‘barracks’)
City wall =‘wall’)
Academy =‘academy‘)
Temple =‘temple’)

Agora (defence) =‘place’,{},’index’)
Troops Outside =‘place’,{},’units_beyond’)
Simulator =‘place’,{},’simulator’)
Culture =‘place’,{},’culture’)
Phoenician merchant =

Farming overview = javascript:Layout.wnd.Create(Layout.wnd.TYPE_FARM_TOWN_OVERVIEWS,”Farming Town Overview”);void(0)



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