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In the spirit of openness and transparency, we publish this roadmap to let you know about our plans for the current year. We hope you will be as eagerly looking forward to it as we do! Like all roadmaps, it may shift slightly, but we will share insight into what is happening as details become available. The listing is done in the current planned order.

Sound(implemented with 2.36)
To add more epic feeling to Grepolis, there will be sounds and background music. More than 200 sounds have been produced and will be implemented in the game. The implementation of the sounds is an ongoing process and we are already planning to continuously add new sounds to the game.

Inventory system
There will be a new option that allows you to store received rewards. You can use these rewards at any time which will provide more freedom and strategic momentum.
Some of the following features will make high usage of the inventory.

Windows 8
Grepolis is keeping up with modern technology. If you are using Windows 8 or thinking about it, you will be able to install Grepolis as a convenient app.
The app is already available in the English, German and French Windows Store.

Building cost reduction
We will introduce a new premium feature that will allow you to save a small share of your resources when erecting a building. You can even start with the building if you lack the amount of resources you would otherwise save from using the building cost reduction!

Island quests
All players are rulers of their own land within Grepolis. Island quests will provide a deeper feeling of this circumstance by putting you in front of hard decisions. There are several tasks to be done in order to complete island quests, which will also grant nice rewards. Each quest usually contains an aggressive and a wise decision.

Hyperborea transfer
Players who were defeated in a common game world will have the option to transfer a copy of their last conquered town to Hyperborea. This will give new players the opportunity to get to know the game in a less harsh environment.

Yep, you heard it! You will be able to acquire individuals like Hercules, Leonidas, Helen and many more.

Heroes are special units that can be leveled and each of them provides a unique effect which will greatly enhance the strategy within Grepolis.
Heroes can be unlocked with a new currency that can be earned by doing island quests. By the way, heroes can be transferred between game worlds (for free). This way, you can make your collection complete even if a game world ends.

Do you like the Grepolis Toolbox? You will love our Grepolis App! Most features of the browser version are coming to your mobile screen with a fresh new design. Furthermore, we will continue our work on this once it’s been released to make all features available in the Grepolis App at some point.

Full-screen town overview
In the future, if you enter a city view, it will not be displayed in a window anymore. Finally you can see some of the idyllic landscape around your city!

New daily reward – The oracle
The oracle will allow you to perform one prophecy per day and thus receiving random rewards that are different from day to day. There will even be epic rewards with whole new effects. Of course you have the chance to receive gold as well!

Trade relations
Trade relations are a new way to establish small scale alliances between two players. If you care about your trade relations, they will level up and thus you can unlock benefits that provide global effects. Each player can only have up to five trade relations, so choose your partners wisely.

As you know, some units, researches and special buildings are quite unpopular. We will change some values, while some things might be replaced by completely new content in order to make every unit, research or special building a viable option.

Enhanced graphic animations
We want the game to provide a more vivid look by adding new and enhanced animations to the cities and the world map.

World wonder revamp
Currently, world wonders do not work the way we originally hoped for. Grepolis is about epic fights and an ongoing war. The world wonders will be changed to significantly motivate all players to crush their enemies’ heads.

Graphs and statistics
Ever wondered on how well you performed in a given situation? We will provide a new tab in your profile that will give you all the interesting data to be watched!


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