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Grepolis Songs of the Gods Hera

The musical theme of Hera intertwines grace and commitment. Follow the story of the Goddess of Marriage as it is being sung in the ancient Greek language.

Below you can also find the lyrics of the song, as well as its translation.

Ἥρα μὲν καλοῦμαι,
τοῦ γάμου θεά,
πάντων τῶν γε θεαίνων οὖν δὲ μεγίστη.

φυλάττω τὸ τίκτειν.
ἡ φυλακή μου τῷ τόκῳ ἐστίν.

καινὸν ἔθνος φυτεύεται
κρατοῦς πλέων πόνον ποθοῦν.
ἔστε γὲ εὔκαρποι.

γυνή γε τοῦ ∆ιός εἰμι.

δολοῦσα δὲ μηχαναῖς


I am Hera,
Goddess of Marriage,
Highest of all Goddesses.

I am adored.
I am watching over nativity.
During childbirth I protect.

A new nation is born
With vim and vigor.
Fertile you shall be.

I am observing
Pregnant with jealousy.
I am the wife of Zeus .

Driven by vengefulness
With tooth and nail
I defend myself.






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