Grepolis – Songs of the Gods


Grepolis Songs of the Gods

Divine sounds are coming!

The release of the sounds into the game is getting closer every day! As promised, we will reveal one theme song every week from now on.

The god chorus have been recorded in ancient Greek and narrate the story of each god. Listen to this unique musical theme as the Tongues of the Ancients unfold the story of the Father of Gods – the mighty Zeus!

Below you can also find the lyrics of the song, as well as its translation.

Ζεύς καλοῦμαι,
τῶν θεῶν πατήρ,
δεσπότης Ὀλύμπιος.υἵος Τιτάνων,
γεννήτης τῶν ἀνθρώπων.
μέγιστός εἰμι πάντων τῶν θεῶν.ἄρχω εὔνως καὶ δὲ δικαίως
πάντα γὲ ὡρῶν καὶ διαλάμπων.
ὁ νοῦς δὲ μού πέρ ἐστιν ὀρθός.τάττω χωρίς γε ἄλλων
βροντῇ καὶ δὲ κεραυνῷ
πῦρ οὐράνιον.

μῆ ὠργίσθητέ με.
σφάλλω ὑμᾶς.
δεινή (φοβερά) ἡ ὀργή μού ἐστιν.


I am Zeus,
Father of Gods,
Master of Olympus.Son of titans,
Father of mankind.
I am the sovereign God.My rule is generous and just
Omniscient and enlightened.
My mind is unclouded.I dominate alone
With lightning and thunder
A heavenly fire.

Do not anger me.
I will make you stagger.
My wrath is tremendous.


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