Grepolis United


Grepolis United

The first public version of Grepolis was launched in 2009. Over the course of more than 3 years Grepolis has become one of the most successful browser games with more than 18 million registered players worldwide, and this is all due to you – our awesome and supportive community!
We all know that we had our ups and downs, and that there is always room for improvement. That is why we are keen on getting closer to you – the essence of our game – to improve Grepolis even further. It is time to take your participation to the next level!

What is “Grepolis United”?

“Grepolis United” is a concept to connect Grepolis as a project closer to the community and vice versa. You are the most valuable information source we have in order to improve Grepolis. We want to make sure we tailor every aspect of the game to your liking. In order to achieve this we want to be more open, share information in advance, focus a lot more on your feedback about changes and new features, and involve you into the development process as much as we can.

How will this concept be put into praxis?

We have planned several ways to get closer to you and also to get you closer to us and our development process. We are currently organizing many small projects that complement “Grepolis United” in their own way. Some of these you can find below.


A public roadmap will easily show you the bigger changes and new features we have planned for the upcoming months. While this list will not be definite and remains subject to change, it still provides valuable information for you to know what we are currently working on.

Developers Blog

We really want you to know what we are currently working on and how we develop Grepolis. In the Developers Blog game designers and developers will give regular insights about their work on this project. This will be a frequent flow of information coming your way.

More Transparency

The two-way communication between community and development team has to be improved. We want to be as transparent as possible by giving you information in advance, let you participate in open feedback talks and releasing our own internal policy about the development of Grepolis. Your feedback is always welcome and we want to make sure that you can see how we process it.

Public Beta Test

It is your chance to make the difference by testing updates before they go live. Two sets of eyes see more than just one, and a couple of thousand see even more than that! With an upcoming big update we will restart the beta server again and hopefully a lot of you will join us in testing new features and upcoming changes here.


Images say more than a thousand words. How about combining images and words? We are planning to keep you updated with interviews from our developers and game designers directly here at InnoGames to provide detailed insights into new features and our current development process. We don’t know how frequently we can release new videocasts just yet, but they will come from time to time.

Public Event Calendar

Having regular events in Grepolis is a goal we have always followed. We want to upgrade this system by implementing an event calendar with a structured schedule of when the next events will start and end, so you can easily see what is going on in Grepolis.


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