Grepolis Update 2.34


Grepolis Update 2.34

Grepolis Update 2.34


– Reservation tool: Missing tooltip on “accept share invitation” checkbox
– tooltip added
– grey out checkboxes added for incoming requests showing the partner permissions
– improve reservation tool settings
– if NOT admin
– hide invite pacts
– hide remove share
– disable checkboxes and text fields

– Runtime for attacking the second farm village should only be 10 seconds – both ways also the way back
– Adjust positioning of the yellow arrow in the bubble menu during first farm quest
– Change the task of the first senate quest (Schneller bauen) from “senate lv. 2” to “senate lv. 3”
– Change text, task and reward of quest “Die Gesandten der Götter”
– Change yellow arrows and way to cast the first spell in quest “Die Macht der Götter”
– Fix the trigger of the “Become a member of an alliance” quest
– Reduce amount of resources for building storage level 2

– Leaders reservation undeletable
– it was not possible for a player to remove himself from an assigned reservation
– “remove reservation” was also shown, when it was not possible to remove a reservation
– NOW admins can delete reservations and unassign players from reservations
– NOW players can delete reservations created by themselves and remove themself from admin assigned reservations
– Wonders rankings appear twice – 1-4 normally and then 31-34 without links.
– Players not able to extend their spells from the right spells list anymore
– Wrong message is displayed when trying to cancel a demolish action
– Incoming resources aren’t shown in trade window

Mobile related:
– Players, Alliances, Towns are not clickable:
– in fight reports you can now click on the town icon
– in a message you can now click on the player name
– in a city you can now click on the player name
– everything else will not be implemented

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