Grepolis Update 2.36



New update for grepolis browser game. Update to version 2.36. List of Features, Changes and bugfix:

– Research name for “Eroberung” with new command system
– in revolt fight system the “conquer” research was renamed to “revolt”
– Slider changes are animated now, the selecting value by clicking on it has been improved
– Do not generate report if you delete your own reservation
– players don’t get reports any more if they unassign or delete their own reservations
– Active quest (with displayed arrows / helpers) has now a “glowing frame” for easier recognition…
– It’s now possible to abort a non-satisfied quest
– Added quests’ progress bar
– Added “fancy” animation after finishing the quest (in most cases – after collecting the quest reward)
– Added opt out for email for “You city misses you”. Also added couple of email switches into the global settings
– Change the Facebook Connect behaviour on logout/login of the game. User will not be logged out from Facebook anymore, but have
to do one click more to get logged in with facebook.
– “Alle Bauaufträge…” Notification can now be turned of even if player has no curator enabled

– Wrong trasport capacity when sending units withing the same island
– returning units within the same island did not return in one command
– Wen Wedding was cast on a city on same island, 2000+ each resource was lost
– In rare cases a wrong storage level was calculated and produced the loss
– The notifications are now always displayed over the windows.
– Click on the Attack Planner notification will open the Attack Planner window with highlighted attack on the list
– Unit numbers which are bigger than 10k should be fully visible
– The reservation tool icons in the Attack window has been fixed
– Village god was shown in simulator
– If players spied a town and inserted the values in the simulator the god of the enemy town was also exposed
– The limit of the towns with the same name in the dropdown in Attack Planner has been increased from 9 to 30. Later we will add lazy loading feature instead.
– The button ‘Units in planned attacks’ in Attack Planner indicated state inversely, which has been changed.
– Autocomplete limit=9 does not show the exact match
– Moving a message did not work after sending a message in following cases:
Players tried to reply a message and wanted to move it afterwards
Also forwarding was affected of this bug
– Players were not able to delete a plan after sharing it
– If the shared player deleted a target, not all attacks were deleted properly
– Some plans where this bug already occured have to be repaired
– Fixed some problems with the colors on the map in some rare cases:
– When two accounts were played over the same computer/browser, they used the same colors
– When using different browsers with one account sometimes the colors were not loaded properly
– arrows / quest helpers are now pointing to appropriate building extention button in senat even if one can not yet build this building.
– Favor bar could under some circumstances exceed it’s limits (go above 500 or 550 favor)
– this was just a “display” bug – backend stored the information properly, though this might have been misleading for the users
– Fixed some localization problem



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