Grepolis Update 2.40


grepolis update 2.40

– To make sure that updates of game state will reach the players browser correctly, only one tab per game account is allowed. If a second tabs gets opened the first one will be logged out;
– The beginners protection is showed as a power under the town nameshows as power now
– Players can now send mass-mails only after reaching more than 800 points in order to prevent server spam;
– You can send any number of colonization troops, but the first arrived troop settle the town. The other troops will continue traveling but aren’t able for foundation;

– The olympic games quest requires to celebrate the games while the quest is running from now on;
– Integrated user survey for tutorial (relevant for Germany only);
– Changed the wording in alliance members list: “gebannt” instead of “gesperrt” (relevant for Germany only).

– When a player gets a new town, spells like favor boost or acumen were not applied to the new town;
– Command overview was showing commands that are not from current town group;
– Corrected some layout issues in the global settings of the landing page;
– The tabs in buildings were reset after switching towns;
– Alliance Conquests and Pact Events were in German;
– When using the mass recruit if current town didn’t have a harbor, there was an error;
– There was a bug with plural and singular form of the chariot reward in island quests;
– Special building data were wrong in the building overview;
– Cancelling building demolition was sending wrong response message;
– Trojan defense applied to militia twice, it is now decreased correctly again after spell ends;
– The inventory was not reset after player restart;
– The In-Game announcements were not sorted correctly;
– Some spelling errors have been corrected in the island quests;
– Attack boost was not working on all units;
– Forced Loyalty was setting the mood to 100 before.



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