Grepolis Update to Version 2.49


Update to Version 2.49


Below is a list of the changes to be implemented in the update.



  • Navigation via browser back/forward function has been removed.


  • A lot of bugs for the New User Interface have been fixed:
    • The dropdown menu for premium list was disappearing when slowly mouseovered;
    • Clickable items in the box below the quick bar were difficult to click;
    • First city of the list was selected when switching cities in trade overview.
  • Incorrect alliance forum message counter for kicked players has been fixed;
  • The sorting by free population function did not work correctly in the premium recruitment overview;
  • Island Quests were not accessible when using Internet Explorer;
  • The position of culture points was wrong in the premium culture overview;
  • Sometimes a scroll bar appeared in the “Spells” window;
  • It was not possible to send support to own towns that would arrive after the start of the vacation mode.

App Bug Fixes:

  • The CAPTCHA message was not completely displayed.



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