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Morale relates to the size of an attacker compared to a defender. It is essentially to help smaller players get established. A large player will have a low morale when he attacks a small player. Think of it as though his army feels sorry for the troops of the smaller player they are attacking so they don’t fight as well. Morale doesnt affect the resources you take from the cities it affects your troops for Example:

10 swordsmen against 10 Slingers with 100% morale= loss of 10 slingers for the attacker and 7 swordsmen for the defender

10 swordsmen against 10 Slingers with 50% morale= loss of 10 slingers for the attacked and 3 swordsmen for the defender

Do you see the difference?

The result of this is that we end up with a “fish in the sea” type of effect. Small fish gets eaten by middle sized fish gets eaten by large fish gets eaten by a shark.

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