How to grow your empire


How to grow your empire

I. Farming

Farming is the single most important thing if you want to accelerate your growth. Farming the villages and players combined will flood you with resources. Now some people are complete freaks and are able to click demand every 5 minutes I am one of those freaks. Fortunately for me I don’t demand resources anymore because I am lazy and really don’t have to. This is because I am passed that point, I farm players around me. The key to this is smash everything around you down with catapults and constantly hit them every day to break the players will if they are active. Eventually they’ll give up and just stop building troops. Once you have a good number of player farms you can waltz into the towns and snatch 20k+ total resources each run. To increase the flow of resources even more you can also farm with your defense towns. Build 20 LS in each town and you can escort your troops to towns where you know the player has given up and snag even more resources!

If you are playing in a hero world I highly suggest researching the tech that allows you to loot favor. I initially am using it for gaining Hera favor so I can cast more pop growths on my towns without continuously asking my alliance for them :p. However, I plan to use this great research to help making mythical creature nukes.

II. Resource Management

Grepolis isn’t just a war game. If you delve down into it the game rewards players for excellent resource logistics. Markets are crucial to achieving success. Many players simply disregard it and claim that it’s a waste of population space. These are the players that oddly enough tend to grow slower than those who know how to properly utilize the market. A level 30 market is a must for proper troop rebuilds and even running city festivals later in the game! Even utilizing the merchants shop is a great way to maximize efficiency – more resources sent faster in less time. I move at least 150k resources on a slow day! I went back to get some screenshots of resource movements and found that when i’m on all day it’s well over 250k (this is just with 11 towns)!

Utilize your farming villages’ trading function! It is put there to benefit you. If you need wood in a town that doesn’t have the option to trade for it in a village find one of your town that has several farming villages that will give you wood. Once you get the wood you can then send it to the town that needs it! It is simple and its convenient so do it!

Troop Building:

Seeing how this is grepolis troops are a MUST for attacking other players to keep gaining sustained culture points and city slots. I have seen many players lose a lot of troops after attacking a town and flatline for a week or sometimes even more. This is because they are not using the tactics of farming resource trading! If your barracks are at level 30 along with your harbor at level 30 you are maximizing the speed you are producing your troops. With constant resource movement to towns your troops will be training like crazy.

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