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In the free browser game Kartuga, you jump in the role of a buccaneer and take control of your own pirate ship. Fight alongside your friends in real-time multiplayer seafights, guide your character through exciting adventures and solve challenging quests. In this Online-Action-RPG your pirate and ship will progress as you play. Gain skillpoints, develop your pirate’s characteristics and equip your vessel to get ahead of your enemies.


In this pirate-action browsergame with roleplaying-elements you can choose your pirate from three different character types: Engineer, Protector and Destroyer. Each type of pirate comes with his individual ship, a unique skill-tree and individual playstyle. Cooperative real-time seafights wait for you in the various online-multiplayer modes, among them Domination. Every character type is needed in the intense teamplay fights. The Destroyer’s fierce offensive power, the Protector’s defensive skills or the Engineer’s surprising special features are essential in winning the pirate battles in your browser. In the single player campaign you use your character’s skills in an action-packed quest-based pirate adventure. Transport valuable goods, find long-lost treasures, or succeed in seafights to free fellow pirates. Live the life of a pirate, make your own choices and prove your skills in intense seafights. Experience Kartuga, the pirate-action browsergame!



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