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The time has now come! The closed beta of Kartuga has just started and right in this moment you could receive one of the beta keys. With this key you are the first one who has access to our brand new action MMOG. And there are a lot of things you can look forward to in it: The playable version already includes all three classes with complete skill trees. Hence, you will finally be able to decide if you prefer the Destroyer, Engineer or Protector. Moreover, 20 of the 40 planned ship types are already done and selectable. There is also a large variety of play modes – If you prefer to play on your own, you can sail around the oceans of the five large accessible game worlds and solve quests. If you like to play against other players you have the choice between domination and destruction. Domination is a variation of classic king-of-the-hill. Destruction is a mode where a bomb has to be detonated in the enemy’s base. Soon, the PvP modes will separate the wheat from the chaff!

All pirates who didn’t receive a beta key so far shouldn’t be disappointed. In the next days, we will increase the number of players. Moreover we will give out keys on our InnoGames-Facebook page daily. Taking a look is well worthwhile!

To make the first steps easier, we have a few instructions for when you do receive a key:

Facebook pages for bet keys:

Visit www.kartuga.com
Fill out all fields in order to pre-register.

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