Kartuga Community Event has started


Before some time we have already published a video about the quest system of our pirate game Kartuga and exposed some information about the story: Now it’s time to focus again on the PvP part of the game:

Cheers of victory or crushing defeat – a round of Kartuga’s domination mode can evoke a wide spectrum of emotions. Matches are often decided within the last few seconds. You’re not paying attention for one second, and the enemy team takes over a control point, shifting the odds in their favor. Sometimes I felt like biting my keyboard, because my team lost a seemingly secure victory. Exactly those situations we’d like to capture in our first Kartuga community event: We want Screenshots of your closest game results. It doesn’t matter if you were the ones that managed to snatch the victory or if you had to admit a close defeat against your opponent – what counts is the difference between the teams’ scores, which should be as low as possible. If you have a screenshot of such a result, please visit our Kartuga forum. Here you have to post your screenshot in this thread. The closest three games posted will be rewarded with gems: 1500 for the first place, 1000 and 750 for the respective second and third. Only conditions are: Only one screenshot per player and the game took place after april 16. Our event ends at April 26th – so go out, play domination and take screenshots, there are diamonds waiting!


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