Kartuga Reloaded and Update


kartuga update

We were so excited when we officially started Kartuga’s Closed Beta at the end of February, and the first players started exploring the oceans. Since then, our development team has continued to work diligently on the game and incorporated new features, improved existing ones and applied lots of minor bug fixes. All this would not have been possible without your active support! Whether in blog comments, on Facebook or on the official forum, you have always given us useful feedback, brought forth new ideas and reported bugs in the game. For this, we want to thank the entire community of Kartuga!

Let’s talk about the update we just published – In short: It resets all server data. For you, this means that all of your characters start at level 1 again, with an emptied inventory and your current rank being deleted. Crucial to this decision was mainly the idea of fairness: Many of you have already played one or more characters extensively, reached a high level and obtained powerful items. Furthermore, from now on, you’ll be able to purchase gems, which was also not possible before. Therefore, it would be unfair to all new players who were not yet lucky and couldn’t participate in the closed beta. In addition, some of the changes that we now made, were much easier to implement for the programmers, because of the reset.
Your login information, social contacts and friends lists remain, of course, so that you can get back to normal immediately after the reset. In addition, I can promise you that this will be the only time we reset the server and your characters. Everything that you earn from now will remain! Therefore – Anchors Away! From now on, it counts





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