Price Changes on Grepolis



Today we would like to inform you about the price changes that will take place on Tuesday October 2nd at 9am (GMT+1). The changes will affect prices for in-game premium features as well as the price for the premium currency itself – you will get more gold for your money!

In the past we have received feedback about research, construction, and recruitment time reductions granting too much of an advantage. To this end, in order to preserve balance in the game, we have decided to provide these reduction features for 25 gold instead of 20. The price of this premium feature will be adjusted according to its actual game advantage.

We would like to give any additional income coming from these changes directly back to the community. In the past we have been able to retain Demeter’s Gift (50% more gold for your money) for a long time. We are pleased to tell you that Demeter’s Gift will irrevocably remain in effect!

At the same time you will also get more gold for your money than prior to this change. We are increasing the value of most premium packages while retaining the prices. The exact amounts can be seen in the table below:

Please note, these are simply two examples. Being an international server, we have buyers from all over the world. Please remember, as always, prices vary dependent on the country you are making your purchases from.


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