Quack Toolsammlung script



Grepo Stats button in the towninfo/playerinfo/allianceinfo
Silver above 15k will bet set automatically as the value of the input box
Calculates the equivalent ressources to your lost troops in reports and the simulator
Displays the points of buildings in the senate
Buttons to important toolsites like:

Converting of troops, buildings and citygroups to BB-Code
“Jump to town” button for every city in the townlist
Improvements to the culture overview (premium) window
Shows current movements in the commond overview (premium) window
A variety of hotkeys to some windows and functions
Overview of all allowed toolsites and scripts on the German market (you can convert the list to BB-Code). Ask your community manager if you want them to be allowed on your market as well
Online Timer
Google Docs implementation
Coloring and filtering of reports
Adjusts the width of the forum according to the number of subforums
Almost all functions can be switched on/off via the scriptsettings
Improvements to the tutorial questlist
Button in the island window to write a message to all players of that island
Dropdown menu to all folders in the report window
Select multiple posts in the allianceforum to delete them
BB-Code button under the townname box
Sort and filter towns in the cave overview
Automatically selects the last used farmingoption in the farming villages overview
Notification if an update for this script is available
Adds a button to the sidemenu to open the cityview



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