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Revolt system – tutorial guide


An army.
A navy.
Colony ship researched and built.
Revolt researched.
Enough Culture points.

Before you can meet these requirements you will need;
– Warehouse level 23
Academy level 28
– Harbor level 20


One of the differences between the conquest and revolt systems, is the need to defeat the defender’s army twice. In order to do this, you really can’t have too big an army. The six swordsmen you received during the tutorial are not up to the task.


The colony ship is expensive and it takes a long time to get to your target city. What’s more, the current owner of your soon to be new city has a vested interest in stopping you from getting there. You will need to send at least one Light Ship with the colony ship. If you don’t escort it or if the escorting ship(s) is lost, it will refuse to land and head back to the city you sent it from. That is of course if the defender doesn’t sink it. More than one is even better.

You also need troops to accompany your colony ship. Since they must travel with the colony ship, they will need enough transport ships to carry them all.

The Colony Ship

Before you can build a colony ship, you need to research it in the academy. This requires the academy to be at least level 22. You’ll also need 7500 wood, 7500 stone and 9500 silver coins. This requires your warehouse to be at least level 16 (13 with ceramics researched).

You’ll also need your harbor built to level 20. Just when you thought you were ready, the colony ship requires 170 free farm spaces. Unless you planned ahead for this, you might need to upgrade the farm a couple of levels.

After all of that, the 10,000 of each wood, stone and silver price of the colony ship seems cheaper than it originally did.

Once you have your colony ship, there a some things you need to remember. Firstly, they colony ship is one of the slowest units in the game. It can take a long time to reach your target. Also, it cannot be sent to a target that will take it more than 48 hours to reach.

Revolt Technology (Currently labeled Conquest)

You won’t be able to research Revolt until you have expanded your academy to level 28. The cost of this research is 12,000 wood, 12,000 stone and 16,000 silver. To hold enough resources, you will need to have expanded your warehouse to level 23 (level 20 with ceramics researched).


Before you can successfully add another city to your empire, you need a sufficiently high culture level. You can check this on the culture tab in the Agora. Everybody starts with level 2 culture which is enough for 2 cities. To get more than two, you will need to increase your culture points by using any of the 4 methods shown on the culture tab.

The Revolt

Capturing a city on a world where the revolt system is in place takes two steps. First the attacker needs to send a revolt attack. Then a second attack with a colony ship.

The revolt attack is a special attack which if successful will cause a revolution to occur 12 hours after it hits. During this 12 hour period, people recruited in the attack will be moving through the population spreading lies and rumors and generally doing anything they can to make the population of the city unhappy with their current leader and convincing them that you will be much better. As mentioned, this process takes 12 hours. This time period is constant on all worlds and is not effected by the world speed setting.

After the 12 hour period has passed, the revolution begins. This lasts for a period of 12 hours. During the revolution, a successful landing of a colony ship sent by the person who caused the revolt will instantly liberate the city from it’s now unpopular leader. The colony ship can be sent at any time, but must land within the 12 hour window.

The Defender’s Role

Unlike a conquest, the defender retains control of the city until it is captured. They can rebuild walls, train troops and more importantly gather support. The attacker needs to be aware that the defender will do everything they can to keep their city. If the defender is part of a well organised alliance, you could find more troops than you ever thought possible in the city at the time your colony ship arrives.

If you are in the situation where someone is trying to take your city, you will need to get as much defence in your city as you can for the 12 hour duration of the revolt. As soon as you notice a revolt attack, post the details in your alliance forums.

Give them as much notice as possible.
Specify it is a revolt attack or a colony ship attack.
They will need to know the time the attacks arrive.
Post your your city and your username in bbcode so that they can quickly identify where help is needed.
Tell them who it is attacking you so that they can decide on the size and urgency of the threat.



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