Tyche’s Advent Calendar



Starting December 1st, get the chance to spin the wheel of fortune in the snow globe of Tyche. Get the right spin and you’ll get rewards like units, defense bonuses, spells, extra population and even shards.

Every spin of the wheel of fortune gives you the chance to win a shard. When you’ve collected five shards, you can use them to unlock all the advisors for seven days completely for free!
Spin the 24 wheels of fortune, whether you are on browser or on the App, and make use of your rewards until December 31st before Tyche’s departure! For each spin of the day, a new decoration will be added to the scenery. Make sure to get it fully decorated by then!

Like in any good advent calendar, there are 24 Wheels of Fortune during the event. Each day you can open a new Wheel of Fortune. After clicking on a day, the corresponding Wheel of Fortune appears on the right side of the window. Each wheel contains six different rewards and one shard. Collect five shards to get all five advisors for one week for free.
You spin the wheel by pressing the button in the middle. You can click it again to stop it from spinning or let it spin until it stops by itself. A reward will pop up in the middle after a short animation. The first spin on the current day is always free, but you can spin more often by spending gold. Which reward you will get is totally random. You need to collect the reward before you can spin the same wheel again.
A wheel can be refilled with all its previous rewards by spending gold.
After the first spin of a wheel, a decoration on the Christmas tree will be unlocked. Unlocking decorations will grant you the award “Fortunate ruler”.

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