Update to Version 2.74


 Update to Version 2.74

Update to Version 2.74

New features

Implemented two new quests for finishing Island Quests.


Jason and Odysseus are no longer exclusive;
Removed the quest-line for the spy;


Fixed the tooltips for rewards in the city list;
Effects are no longer shown on support commands;
Some information premium pages were empty;
Militia can no longer be activated after start of siege;
Fixed some issues with BB-Codes;
Corrected invalid prompt confirmation after clicking grey button to organize olympic games in the culture overview;
Research points were not updated after starting or resetting a research;
Fixed wrong default resource value in the market place;
Added missing confirmation prompt when cancel recruitment in the bubble drop down;
Fixed animations in the spell menu that were not working for Firefox;
Democritus will extend Heightened Senses
Chain lightning displayed wrong owner of city enacted on;
Changed subject in reports of Chain lightning for supporting players;
The title of confirmation prompt when casting a negative spell on an own city was wrong;
The culture points in the tooltip for resetting researches were not updated
The bonuses coming from Passionate Population, Chiron & Odysseus were not correctly applied (multiplication instead of addition);
City groups in administrator overview were empty;
Some rewards of the fifth birthday event were not correct and will be granted again to the players who were suppose to receive them.

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