Update to Version 2.97


Update to Version 2.97

Update to Version 2.97

In this update we adjusted a few things in the Agora, added a new filter to the Marketplace and fixed some bugs.

Adjusted the “create offer” screen in the Marketplace a little and added one more filter called “All, but enemies”.
The Agora screen has changed:
T he button length now matches the width of the boxes above.
The gold icon of the olympic games has been exchanged.
The costs of the victory procession are now displayed in a new style.

Fixed a bug where the colony ship wasn’t listed in the reports while under siege.
Maximum delivery time did not work.
Changes in “create offer” tab of the Marketplace got lost on tab switch.
While the Captain was active merchandise was not reaching other islands twice as fast.
The “Recruited players” overview still showed a button to collect gold even if the player already collected gold for 10 invitations.

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