Forge of Empires celebrates its first birthday


Forge of Empires birthday

Guys, exactly a year ago we have been so nervous and excited at the same time – because we showed you Forge of Empires for the very first time. Sure, we had already tested the game internally before and had quite the fun with building up our cities and checking out our colleagues´ empires. But it is always interesting for us to see how the players from “outside” react to a new game. Luckily, you loved it! Forge of Empires was successful from day one and the masses of players really challenged our servers. Thousands of new players every day, lively discussions in the forum, great feedback all in all: Not only the development team was running through the InnoGames office with a constant smile on their faces. After only eight weeks, we were able to tell the world about one million players being part of Forge of Empires, which was the first step to make the strategy game one of the most successful browser games worldwide. Now after one year, more than nine million people are part of Forge of Empires and a lot of new stuff has been implemented: Besides many small improvements we created two new ages. Those gave the game a complete new campaign, modern units and buildings.

But these improvements are not the main reason why Forge of Empires is so successful: you are! You guys are still very active in the game forum discussions, you give us exciting new ideas and helpful suggestions. Only with your help it is possible to keep the game successful and to give you the best possible gaming experience. Thank you so much for that!
In order to celebrate the birthday in a proper way, we created a whole bunch of new features for you. From May 8 to 21 there will be a completely new quest line: A mysterious fortune teller will visit you and has some tasks, which will maybe tell you some secrets about the future of Forge of Empires… When you completed all tasks, there will be a unique new building, which you can only get in this quest line. We also want to celebrate our award as “Best Browser Game 2013” at the German Game Developer Award (Deutscher Computerspielpreis) with you. That´s why we handed the precious award over to our graphic guys who integrated it into the game – you can now use it as a nice decoration.
So long, may Forge of Empires remain one of the most successful browser games worldwide. A toast goes out to you, best community in the world!

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