Grepolis – Update to version 2.35


Grepolis - Update to version 2.35

Full list of changes included in 2.35:



  • Improvement of the new menu bar:
    • added resize functionality;
    • added possibility to minimize/maximize the menu;
    • added sounds volume button for the upcoming implementation of the sounds in-game.
  • All tutorial quests have now been implemented;
  • Improvement of the existing quests;
  • Added an award for finishing tutorial quests and option to skip the tutorial quests at the beginning;
  • Adjustments of the senate requirement for market place from level 5 to level 3;
  • Peace time adjustments:
    • The text when you send a colony ship that arrives in peace time was misleading;
    • Before: Says peace time starts in XXXX;
    • Now: Says peace time starts in XXXX after colo ships arrived.
  • Arrows for town switching are now hidden when there is only one town in selected town group;
  • After calling of Phoenician Merchant to town, the trading window opens automatically;
  • The spell “Wedding” grants now an equal amount of each resource type to the player’s town;
  • Barracks and Docks windows have been completely refactored (no visible change).


  • Owner update in reservations: the reservation list always showed the owner from the time where the reservation was created. Now it shows the current owner;
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour where alliances could see other alliances who had them marked as enemies;
  • It was possible to conquer a town without attack ships in the new revolt battle system;
  • Barracks design was broken, when needed resources for units had more then 6 chars;
  • Fixed problem where text was broken when no spells were available;
  • Fixed problem were a part of power description was hidden;
  • Negative spell casting pop-up: when casting sea storm on an incoming attack, the wrong confirmation pop-up appeared;
  • Transport capacity is now shown again in colonize dialog;
  • Phoenician Trader gold confirmation is now adhering to the correct setting;
  • Subject is no more a link in notification with no report;
  • Circular menu did not work and was getting stuck on the maximized forum;
  • Mass delete notifications didn’t work in some cases;
  • Troops refreshing after recalling support;
  • Fixed loading bug were a javascript error pops up (WMap.mapTiles is undefined);
  • Command overview displays further troop movements by mistake: in cases where two towns of the same player were involved in a command, the command was calculated twice;
  • Battle points were not displayed on report when attacker won the battle: when players prevented a conquest successfully, the information about their earned battle points was missing;
  • Ally forum “new post” notifications were being issued incorrectly: the bottom menu showed the wrong amount of new posts in some cases;
  • Accepting own offers in market place used wrong delivery time: if players specified a maximum delivery time of 30 minutes, they couldn’t accept the offer because. It was too far away in some rare cases, although the normal trade window showed it was possible;
  • Shared attack-plans could be deleted by everyone who was entered in the right list: deleting plans is now only available for the creator of the plan;
  • Users who got shared attack-plans have problems with editing plans: when adding new towns in a shared plan, the shared plans were not included in the drop-down list;
  • In Phoenician Trader window, on big trading ratio for medusa there was a line break;
  • The Chariot icon was missing in the menu of the Phoenician Trader;
  • It was impossible to plan units in attack planer that are in movement;
  • Tool-tip caption was cut off in Reservation Tool;
  • Double requests issued from time to time in alliance window;
  • Inserted defender units in simulator were getting lost when town is switched;
  • Units travel time was not shown in Attack Planner;
  • There was a wrong background in World Wonder ranking;
  • Textures of world wonder was overlapping towns on the map;
  • Wrong page was shown after opening the RT through the ‘go to reservation tool’ button in the town info window;
  • Alliance limit was exceeded in one case;
  • The progress bar of world wonders was not calculated correctly;
  • Too much alliances were listed in the Ruler of the World section of the Hall of Fame.



  • Changed the size of published awards in the alliance forum because they were too big;


  • Active spells were not shown in town view;
  • Daily Bonus reward on day 30 couldn’t be accepted;
  • It was possible to play via mobile after starting vacation mode;
  • Wisdom spell report was not working.



  • Added drag & drop support for achievements in user profile.

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