Grepolis Update to Version 2.95


Grepolis Update to Version 2.95

In this update we changed “Stone Hail” according to the feedback of the community and added some tooltips which were missing at some places.

Added tooltips to all simulator bonus items.
Added tooltip for the “close all windows” button.
[Community Request] “Stone Hail” has been changed and now applies only on surviving catapults and only if the attack has been won.
Removed hint of animations settings for iOS devices as they are working correctly on those devices as well.
Unit amount in the barracks sometimes wasn’t updated after instantly finishing a recruitment order
“Browser not supported” message isn’t displayed in IE7 & IE8 anymore.
Colonizing consumed all colony ships.
Fixed a layout bug which occurred while playing Grepolis via partner pages.
Changed order of island quest decisions to be consistent.
By trying to send 0 colony ships to a free spot a wrong error message showed up.

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