Update App Changleog 2.97


Update App Changleog 2.97

iOS and Android apps were updated to version 2.97. This update includes the changes from both 2.95 and 2.96. So it’s a 3 in 1 update.

New features
Reworked the daily reward window to match the new design. Furthermore you can now slide through the days and look at your rewards.

Added link from spell screen to Temple when no god is selected.
Created new system for polling the server.
Added link to the forum in the main menu.
Clicking an interstitial can now open external links.
Updated icons in reports.
Added “Demolish” button to building menu when fully upgraded.
Added a new animation on the map for the selected own town;
Added construction site spots on the town overview for buildings not built yet;
Added menus to buildings to directly access the different related screens right from the town overview;
Added new sidebar controls in map and town overview for showing activities and messages;
Improved layout of the header with a new button showing the gold amount that links directly to the payment screen;
Added info screens for the two groups of special buildings;
Added a glowing effect when a building is selected in the town overview.
Added reworked unit graphics.

“Invalid email” feedback message is positioned correctly now.
Implemented a prevention for multiple special buildings from occupying the same location
Button updates correctly again after claiming free advisor.
Implemented a prevention for next quest window from opening while reward animation is playing.
Fixed ability to select gold for “You get” at the create offer screen.
Fixed header sometimes showing incorrect god after login.
Fixed issue with direct play login when https redirects were enabled.
Fixed issue with reward animations sometimes triggering incorrect screens on complete.
“No festivals could be organized” error was shown while trying to organize a victory procession while city festival and olympic games were already running.
The window for “An Error has occurred” was missing the text.
The tap area of World Wonders was too big.

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